Tear Sheet Basket


1. Find, select, organize and present items in a collection or exhibition

Curate is an effort to shape a confluence of visual ideas and select elements into cohesive collections for the discerning home.

All Curate designs are produced in a single manufacturing facility, one of the world's finest, and are created using the wide range of materials available in today's global marketplace.

Our first introduction, LEEWARD, designed by John Black, embodies our aesthetic: clean, linear, tactile objects befitting a singular space, or in concert with one another. Our latest collections, Purveyor and Facets Designed by John Black, further the pursuit of our design ideal, and each represent a distinct and versatile style identity.

Curate is available through select dealers and showrooms in the United States and Canada. For a complete dealer listing, please click where to buy. For sales outside North America, please contact us.